Miele Neptune 1 of 3 S4 Models of Miele Canisters

Miele Neptune

The Miele Neptune is a deluxe, midsize canister with a suction control through a rotary dial with 6 variable power settings. It possesses a power of 1,200 watts through a high output Miele-made Vortex Motor System. The Vortex Motor System consists of the S5 motor, a power pack developed and manufactured in the German Miele factories. The optimal power of the system comes from the airflow, resulting to a great cleaning performance with a superior dust intake.Get this amazing Miele Neptune on sale here!

Miele Neptune

Filter System of Miele Neptune

The Miele Neptune offers the Miele exclusively designed AirClean Sealed System for its filtration process. The whole system, and each of its individual compartments, is sealed with one continuous, durable rubber gasket. This system prevents air and particular matter from escaping through non-filtered openings.

The design of Miele Neptune combines 3 elements for indoor air quality assurance, i.e., use of the very best of available materials; a unique and electrostatically charged filtering dust bag with an innovative and spring-loaded collar for debris trapping and a high quality filter cartridge selection, including a certified HEPA filter.

Filter Dust Bag

The filtering dust bag of the Miele Neptune is a 3.7 quart, FJM type, AirClean dust bag, with a spring-loaded, self-sealing collar. It is a 9-layer fortress of electrostatically charged material for micro-sized debris trapping in the airtight vacuum chamber. Exposure to tiny, lung-damaging dust and allergens is prevented by the spring-loaded, self locking collar.

The Miele Neptune has a FilterBag change indicator for hygienic bag replacement alert.

Filter Cartridge 

The filter cartridge of the Miele Neptune consists of an air clean filter and a pre-motor filter. Designed for normal use, the air clean filter consists of electrostatically charged multi-ply material for dust particle retention. It retains 99.95% of 0.5 micron-sized particles and 94% of 0.3 micron-sized particles.  Filter of Miele Neptune change is necessary only after a 5 dust bag consumption. It comes with the purchase of a Miele certified dust bag box.

Change of the pre-motor filter of Miele Neptune is done either simultaneously with the start of a new Miele FilterBag box or when the filter gets heavily soiled, whichever comes first. It comes with the purchase of a genuine Miele FilterBag box.

Optional filters that can be used with the Miele Neptune includes an active HEPA filter and an active Air Clean filter. The HEPA filter is a 99.99+% dust particle retainer proven to be ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. The need for the HEPA filter change is approximated to be once in a year.

The Air Clean filter of Miele Neptune is a 99.95% 0.5 micron-sized particle retainer proven to be ideal for pet owners. It combines the Super Air Clean filter and an active charcoal cassette for dust bag odour absorption. The need for the Air Clear filter change comes after a 50 hour or 12 month usage.

Miele Neptune –  Air Pollutants

Adverse health effects are linked to fine particle exposure by the Environmental Protection Agency a.k.a. EPA. Individual particles that appear invisible to the naked eye can collectively appear as smog or dust clouds. 0.3-0.5 micron particles have a great possibility of being deeply inhaled into the lungs, absorbed into the bloodstream and remain embedded in the lung tissues for extended time periods. The size of a micron is equivalent to 1 1/200th of the width of a human hair strand.

There are 6 air pollutants that have been identified as the most harmful to public health and environment, including particulate matter. These fine particles can originate from both outdoor and indoor sources. Outdoor sources include diesel trucks, fuel combustion and power plants while indoor sources include wood stoves, air fresheners and vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners like Miele Neptune can actually pollute the air you breathe by exhausting a million fine particles per minute, as a result of the normal wear and tear of vacuum cleaner motors.

Filtration Test

Miele commissioned the Interbasic Resources a.k.a. IBR, an accredited third party laboratory, to determine the carbon dust particle emission volume of each fan of 5 leading vacuum cleaning brands. The test results showed the poorest performing unit to discharge over 13,000,000 0.3-0.5 micron sized particles per minute. The Miele vacuum cleaner like Miele Neptune emitted 638 times fewer carbon dust particles than the vacuum cleaner tested average.

The IBR tests also included the complete emission frequency measurement for each unit, evaluating its overall capture and retention rate. The test findings reveal that Miele vacuum cleaners like Miele Neptune significantly captured the most fine particles, with the second nearest brand releasing 21 times more particles per minute.

On the assumption that the average homeowner vacuums for approximately 20 minutes 3x a week, the resulting IBR test data showed the leading vacuum cleaner to have an emission rate of 175,928 0.3-0.5 micron-sized particles per minute compared to 23,396 particles by Miele.

In conclusion, the IBR tests proved Miele to be 99.99+% effective in the capture and retention of 0.3 micron-sized particles or larger.  Try Miele Neptune now!

Miele S4212 Neptune A Canister with a 20-year Life Span

Miele S4212 Neptune

The Miele S4212 Neptune model is the replacement canister for the Miele S4210 Anteres model. The two models are identical with the only difference coming in the canister colour, i.e., the Miele S4212 Neptune comes in turquoise while the Miele S4210 Anteres comes in mango red. Both includes the Miele STB 205-3 Turbobrush and the Miele SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush with their purchases. The Miele Neptune is best used for cleaning of low to medium pile carpeting, area rugs and smooth floor surfaces.

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Miele S4212 Neptune

Standard Features of Miele S4212 Neptune

The operating radius of a canister is determined by its hose length and power cord, thereby, establishing its cleaning area coverage before unplugging and moving to another power outlet becomes necessary. The Miele S4212 Neptune has a 29.5 feet operating radius as Miele has been properly generous with the length of both Miele Neptune parts. The Miele Neptune hose is a non-electric hose.

The Miele S4212 Neptune boasts of a quiet operation as a consequence of its thoughtfully designed motor suspension and unique motor seal. This quiet quality of the Miele Neptune is in place despite its impressive power of 1200-watt high-output S5 motor. Thus, hearing the phone ring or the radio playing while vacuuming, poses no problem.

The S5 motor is capable of providing a consistently superior performance for 1,000 hours. Due to this fact, the Miele S4212 Neptune is expected to last for 20 years, based on an average 45 minute usage per week at maximum power output.

The Miele S4212 Neptune comes with an electric power display, a overheating lamp and a space-saving storage bracket on its side. It also has a safety shut-off mechanism for overheating protection.

The 8.25” x 10” x 19”, 14 pound Miele S4212 Neptune is lightweight, thus, make for easy manoeuvring. All you need to do is give it a gentle tug to move it from one room to another

The well-designed wheel castors of the Miele S4212 Neptune give a smooth run over all floor types and a navigational ease over threshold obstacles, including its own electrical cord.

The unique Miele locking system firmly connects the wand sections, the hand piece and the floor tool. The easy release of each piece is accomplished with the Click System of the Miele S4212 Neptune, which consists of a latch depression. The Miele Neptune wand is a telescopic wand made of stainless steel.

The easy transport of the Miele S4212 Neptune upstairs, downstairs or outdoors, can be accomplished by picking it up with one hand, after the simple insertion of the floor tool into the integrated wand holder, while opening and closing doors with the other free hand. The hose, wand and floor tool are securely in place so no wall scratching or picture frame disturbance is expected to happen during the transport.

Floor Tools

The Miele S4212 Neptune includes the Miele STB205-3 Turbobrush and the Miele SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush for its floor tools. The Miele SBB235-3 Smooth Floor Brush is an optional floor tool that can be used with the Miele Neptune.

The Miele STB205-3 Turbobrush is ideal for cut-pile carpets and produces a carpet finish that is excellent. It has a rotating roller brush, activated by air that is drawn through its head for dirt loosening as well as hair and fluff collecting. A buffer strip around the turbobrush was designed for furniture scuffing protection.

The Miele SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush is ideal for cleaning around obstacles, e.g., tables and chair legs, where it manifests an exceptional agility. It is capable of a 180 degree rotation.

The Miele SBB235-3 Smooth Floor Brush is ideal for hardwearing floors, e.g., flagstone and PVC, and linoleum, which are non-scratch susceptible surfaces.

Additional Accessory of Miele S4212 Neptune

The VarioClip is an additional accessory that comes with the Miele S4212 Neptune. It is a clip that can be virtually attached to the hose at any location. It holds 3 handy and durable accessory tools, i.e., a crevice nozzle, a natural bristled dusting brush and an upholstery tool. This clip allows for quick tool access while the tools clean everything in sight, even those in hard-to-reach places, e.g., behind sofas and between refrigerators and cabinets.

Canister Tests

Miele floor tools as well as accessory cleaning brushes must endure and pass testing before production approval. Tests consist of miles and miles of different floor surface usage and a fall test, where they are dropped over and over from a near to 3-feet height.

The cable reel assembly of the Miele S4212 Neptune is put through a very aggressive quality assurance examination, where the cable undergoes a 10,000-time pull-out and retraction regimen as part of its approval process. This ensures the reliability and safety of the cord reel for a long time period.

The Miele S4212 Neptune hose is subjected to countless bend and stretching tests. In addition, the hose endurance is tested through a 1,000 time stretching milieu while attached to the canister, with an additional 5 kilogram weight, for a total weight of an approximate 11 pounds. The hose must remain undamaged after undergoing these tests, before its canister box inclusion.

The castors, bumper strip and outside casing of the Miele S4212 Neptune goes through a volume of quality assurance tests. The canister must endure miles of tracks where stresses, e.g., door thresholds, bumps and harsh curves, are simulated for maximum canister strain.Try Miele S4212 Neptune today!

Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum 39% Best, 1% Better and 46% Good A Canister As Can Be

Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum

The Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum is a compact-type canister vacuum with an ABS plastic hood material. Its airflow is 141 cubic feet per minute, its standard telescopic wand extends to 41 inches with 2 park positions and its vacuum bag capacity is 3.7 quarts. The canister manoeuvrability is accounted for by its standard handle, 3 castor wheels and 360 degree swivel hose, while its auto-reverse cable rewind mechanism is accounted for by a step-on rewind button. Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum offers a 1-year Miele parts and labour limited warranty and a 7-year motor and labour warranty when purchased at an approximate $500 tag price.

Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum

Canister Rating

Based on 13 parameters, expert reviewers gave the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum a 5-star rating on 5 parameters, i.e., noise level, part and accessory assembly, attachment and detachment, dust bag quality, durability and warranty; 4.5 stars on 2 parameters, i.e., filtration efficiency and manoeuvrability; and 4 stars on 6 parameters, i.e., cleaning power and effectiveness, control ease usage, floor tool quality, accessory tool quality, cleaning radius and price value.

Pros and Pluses of Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum

5-star Rating

The built-in silence insulation of the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum results to an ultra-quiet vacuuming experience.

Due primarily to its quick release buttons and snap-into-place construction, activities such as canister assembly, floor tool change, accessory tool attachment, wand removal, are the easiest to accomplish when done with the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum.

Larger than the bags of comparable compact canisters, the AirClean filtering canister bags of the Miele Neptune also last a little longer and continue to work until they are definitely stuffed to the full. Truly some of the best quality canister bags in the market, its 9 layer thickness offer filtration quality and durability; its air flow excellence, usage efficiency and its spring-loaded, self-sealing covers, no mess disposal.

The handy dust bag change indicator of the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum issues a canister bag fullness alert that tells you pointblank when a replacement of the bag is adamant, eliminating the possibility of suction loss due to an overfull bag.

Designed to last for 20 years is the quality and durability of this German made canister, with a generous 7-year motor warranty.

4.5-star Rating

Healthy indoor air quality maintenance is handled by the respectable AirClean Sealed System construction of the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum. The easily changeable Super AirClean Filter is electrostatically charged for majority dust particle retention. The HEPA filter is optionally available for best filtration achievement.

Being a 10.5 pound canister, words are not enough to measure the ease in manoeuvring, carrying and storing of the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum. It is the perfect canister for multi-level homes.

4-star Rating

This compact S4 canister offers the same 1,200-watt motor power with 6 suction speeds for thick carpet, small rug and curtain cleaning, as the larger Miele canisters.

The improved swivel design of the Parquet Twister floor brush of the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum, proved most helpful in hard to reach area cleaning, e.g., under the bed. In addition to this, its shorter natural bristles and its spaces between the bristle sections, provide maximum suction and durability.

Better than a motorized power brush, the lightweight and easily manoeuvrable Turbobrush of the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister VacuumMiele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum is more gentle on carpets and rugs and works well on cut pile carpets and rugs. Its brush floor agitation, powered by the canister air flow, offers help in dust and lint lifting. It is also confirmed to be better than a combination carpet and floor tool in dirt and hair removal.

Moving around a larger number of rooms before power outlet change is allowed by the 29.5 foot cleaning radius of the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum.

Cons and Minuses of Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum

Not considered to be a luxury model, the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum does not have features like a deluxe ergonomic handle, electronic suction controls and a filter change indicator. In place of these features are a standard handle, a manual rotary dial suction control and a canister bag change indicator.

Caution must be taken when manoeuvring around corners and furniture, as the Miele Neptune do not have integrated bumper guards found in the Miele S5 canister models.

The Turbobrush of the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum is not as efficient as a power brush for medium to high pile carpet cleaning.

The crevice tool of the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum only offers a 4” reach, half of the 8” reach offered by some competitive crevice tools.

With its standard round design, the Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum dusting brush easily clogs during high suction usage as the bristles are inwardly sucked. A triangular design is desired as it eliminates bristle clogging.

The VarioClip that stores the Miele Neptune accessory tools render the possibility of onboard tools getting in the way during vacuuming with a tendency of getting knocked off and lost in the process. Integrated onboard canister spots are preferred.Try Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum now!